Il nuovo concetto di carro miscelatore orizzontale al di sopra delle vostre aspettative



the Elefantino uses the UNIFEED technique to produce an exceptionally balanced and effective blend
  • Balancing and accurate reproduction of the formula
  • Wide range of usable foods
  • The animal can not choose individual components
  • Less waste
  • Lactation curve more constant over time
  • Increased milk production
  • Greater fat content in milk
  • Better meat production
  • Better exploitation of production potentials
Health aspects
  • Reduction of mastitis
  • Reduction of podal inflammation
  • Reduction of dysmetabolie
  • PH balanced ruminal, constant and high
  • Increased ingestion of dry substance
  • Increased intake of nutrients
  • Unique daily distribution
  • Better animal control
  • Less competition in the manger
  • Quiet herd
  • Less effort

The Company

Our thirty years experience in the field of animal husbandry has allowed us to ensure our customers innovative products. We have achieved excellent results thanks to our experience and the ability to listen and collaborate with our customers.

At G.CAVARZAN each project is developed with the utmost commitment and creativity in order to better exploit the mechanical action of the wagon on the components of the ration, to ensure excellent performance and reliability over time, thus leading the company to be protagonist of the evolution of the Unifeed system.


Elefantino TN

Cutter-mixer driven wagon without mill

Elefantino TF

Cutter-mixer driven wagon with mill

Elefantino SEMOVENTE

Self-propelled mixer wagon

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