Elefantino TN

Cutter-mixer driven wagon without mill

The G.Cavarzan Company has developed a new horizontal mixer wagon in which numerous innovative aspects have been introduced that make the wagon different from those on the market.

The study has exalted the particularly efficient technical characteristics of the Elefantino SERIE 3, a Carro designed and built to get the most out of the potential in each farm.

The incomparable balance of the products of the mixture obtained allows the animal to take on even the less appetizing products, but indispensable for a complete feeding and correct ruminant activity, greatly increasing the production of milk and meat.

The most innovative aspects are the cutting mode and speed as well as the effective mixing of the components, which is carried out in a short time and with the minimum power absorption. All this translates into a reduction in machine wear and fuel consumption.

Technical data:

MODEL 6 mc³ 
8 mc³ 
 10 mc³ 12 mc³14 mc³ 
 16 mc³ 18 mc³20 mc³ 
Height2180 mm2280 mm2280 mm2450 mm2700 mm2700 mm2850 mm2900 mm
Width1840 mm1980 mm1980 mm2120 mm2120 mm2200 mm2200 mm2300 mm
Length4550 mm5090 mm5820 mm6250 mm6250 mm6880 mm6880 mm7200 mm
Track1770 mm1860 mm1860 mm1990 mm1990 mm2075 mm2075 mm2190 mm
Step3350 mm3650 mm4000 mm4400 mm4400 mm4700 mm4700 mm4860 mm
Weight2700 kg3400 kg3800 kg4300 kg4700 kg5200 kg6600 kg7100 kg